CLOUD INTEGRATED PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM offers the small to medium size hotels the best solutions for Reservation System, Property Management System (PMS), Point-of-Sales (POS); all integrated into an All-in-One system on CLOUD technology, called Cloud IPMS. There are no hardware, software, and network equipment to invest on. It's the best investment for hotels seeking for a low-cost, but high performance property management system. Calypso CLOUD IPMS comes with a built-in online booking engine that can be embedded in the hotel website, and In addition, the system is connected to Agoda YCS4, so bookings flow to the Cloud IPMS instantly.


  • System Dashboard
  • Cloud Platform
  • Privilege & Level Access Control
  • Single to Multiple Property
  • User Friendly Control Panel
  • Dynamic Room & Rate Control
  • Single and Group Reservations
  • Advance Deposit Folio
  • Quick Checking-in and Check-out
  • F&B with Point-of-Sales (POS)
  • Connected to YCS4
  • Guest Folio with Full AR Accounting
  • Instant Agent Invoicing and aging Report
  • Real-Time GM Report
  • Real-time Trial Balance and Revenue Reports
  • Real-time Transaction Auditing
  • House Keeping with Dynamic Room Condition Chart
  • Real-time Daily, Month-to-Date, and Year-to Date Reporting
  • Real-time Guest Ledger with Drill-down 2D reporting
  • Revenue Management & Yield Control
  • Accounting Back Office

Real-Time Dashboard

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